Top ten kids approved Travel items for Unschool/homeschool or Road Schooling

Thinking of taking a vacation, traveling full-time or just need an idea of what you should buy to start homeschooling.  I have made a list (kid approved) of all the items you might like to get you started. Apple iPad mini, iPad 2, and iPad air are the top electronic devices you will want if you plan on traveling. Not only can you lots of educational games for FREE or as little as $0.99 but you can down Continue reading

Library books – February

This is a list of library books that we got for the month of February.  We also got some educational DVDs and fun one too. Books Click, Clack, Splish, Splash Click, Clack, Quackity-Quack Apes and Monkeys What happens to our trash? The Berenstain Bears  – Blaze a trail Saving Lives & Changing Hearts Lincoln and Douglas How do Tadpoles become frogs? Soccer skills Angry birds – Playground animals Seabirds Nutmeg and Barley Castles, Caves and Continue reading

Writing Jungle poem assignment

This morning while the girls watched Harry Potter, they did there writing jungle assignment.  Today we copied a poem, tomorrow they use the same poem but fill in the blanks and try to spell the words right, and then on Wednesday they have to find all the mistakes I made when I typed the poem. We finished 2 more chapters about Sacagawea – so we did a video to show what we learned… We also went to Continue reading

Library books January 2013

These are the books and DVD the girls are reading for the month of January.  We used these books and DVD for some of our homeschool studies, or unschool studies. Books Kingfisher book of soccer skills Apes and monkeys Seabirds Nancy Drew Girl Detective How do laws get passed Angry birds playground animals The Berenstain bears blaze a trail How do tadpoles become frogs? Nutmeg and Barley: a budding friendship What happens to our trash? Continue reading

Books – October

Books for October France. By Anita Ganeri Boa constrictors. By Joanne Mattern Five funny bunnies. By Van Leeuwen The French fry king. By Roge Who took the farmer’s hat? By Joan Nodset Welcome to France. By Kathryn Stevens France: come on a journey of discovery. By Linda Pickwell Magic mud and other great experiments. By Gordon Penrose Jammy dance. By Janni Rebecca Movies The gnome-mobile Dr. Doolittle Once upon a mattress The Easter bunny is Continue reading

Books April

Here are the books and movies we got at the library today to read next month… Three pandas. By Jan Wahl Big George, How a shy boy became president Washington. By Matt Phelan Tadpole Rex. By Kurt Cyrus The Crossing. By Jim Murphy Connecticut. By Susan Evento Santa is Coming to Town. By Sierra Harimann John Tyler. By Steven Ferry Jingle Bells By. John Harris Skippy Jon Jones in Dog House. By Judy Schachner A Continue reading