Lecture from Super Hero of snake bites at MS Museum of Natural Science

Have you ever been bitten by a snake or spider and wondered what to do?  I hope you haven’t because that would really hurt and who wants to spend the day in the hospital.  No one got bit here but we did meet the superhero of spider and snake bites and listened to an amazing talk, at the MS Museum of Natural Science in Jackson Mississippi, on what you should do if you do get Continue reading

History at a rest stop off Highway 95

Who knew you could learn a little history at a rest stop, while everyone takes turns to go potty.  We were traveling down the highway on our way to our next destination when we stopped to stretch our legs.  Mac pointed out  2 historical markers and we went over to read them.  This is one of the great things about Unschooling, history is everywhere even in rest areas. At the next Rest Stop, we found Continue reading

4H class – end year

I am so sad but Friday was our last 4H class for this year, unfortunately all the college  kids have to go back home.  So this mean we will have time for candy science and magic school bus science, YEA! So this week I stayed with the younger kids and they learned about birds.  They asked and answered these very interesting questions: What makes a bird a bird? What is each feather used for? What Continue reading

4H bird beaks – like what utensil

They learned about birds….. What is a bird Drew a perfect bird Learned anatomy of a bird All about feathers, all the different types, and what they are used for They talked about what makes a bird different, like… Predictor, color, environment, beak, tail shape The big kids played a game…. The kids moved to each table,  they tried to get the food with the tool they started with,  some of the tools worked great Continue reading

Ghoul scout

Instead of Girl Scouts we have Ghoul Scouts (based on Monster High Ghouls Dolls, which all the girls infatuated with). This week we went to Lake Meyer and played on the playground, chased the birds, feed the birds, and played in a huge pile of dirt. We also did a science project about birds… We wanted to see which food the birds like the most…

birds, electricity books

This morning McKenzey read the bird book to me while Isabelle listen and then we did a couple of video to actually show we were paying attention. Mac was so so excited about what she learned about birds. I love it when its their idea and they pick what we learn about and enjoy learning about it… After we read the bird book the girls begged me to let them do some more experiments with Continue reading