Best way for Unschooler to learn about animals? Birmingham Zoo

What is the best way for kids to get excited about animals, their habitats, and where they live? Go visit a zoo, kids that are homeschooled or go to “normal school” love going to the zoo and learn more by seeing, touching, and hearing the animals. We love going to the zoo and it’s even better when you get in free but more on that later. At first glance, the Birmingham Zoo does not look Continue reading

Nspire (no, that’s not a typo) Students in Science and Math

Texas Instruments is one of the leading companies helping teachers. Students learn science concepts in a deeper, more engaging way. Nspire provides ready-to-use lessons that cover essential science topics. Build a more profound understanding of the math concepts. Many research websites show it is tough to learn.  Nspire offers an easy, accurate, and inexpensive way to get students started with real-world data collection. We were actually given a TI-Nspire CX CAS handheld graphing calculator and an Continue reading

Unschooling Lessons: Science at Cascade Caverns in Boerne, Texas

Cascade Caverns

As an unschool teacher, and a very laid back mom, I never do any lesson plans.  Yes I wing everything, like today when we went to Cascade Caverns in Boerne, Texas.  My thought process here is that if I need to make a unschool lesson plans, print out work sheet, grade papers, give tests and do all that stuff teachers are required to do – then heck I should just send them to “normal” school and Continue reading