plankton expensive face mask or just fun

I think today we thought it was more fun to just splash, play and use the marsh mud for face paint.  4H was all about plankton, and the marsh.  We learned that there are 2 different kind of plankton phytoplankton – plant life that are drifters and produce 75% of the world oxygen. Zoo Plankton which are baby plankton that start as plankton and end up as Lobster, shrimp, and crabs. We started our class Continue reading

Paris France day 6 – ride home

Relaxing Day at the Beach – back from Paris France Today we rested because we were so tired from visiting Paris France.  We had 5 whirlwind days of visiting as many sites as we could, the weather was rainy and cold but everyone had a great time.  The girls loved seeing there French cousins and seeing all the neat stuff we had studied about before we came.  The girls didn’t get to say a lot Continue reading


We now have 5 eggs – I can’t wait till the babies hatch…… Does anyone know is this bird is a phoebe and if so how many eggs they lay?? Yesterday we went to the beach with a friend and played in the water and sand.  The girls had more fun running back and forth from the water getting stuff to make their hot tub.  They found tons of shells and 5 sand dollars digging Continue reading

Beach Day for unschoolers

#25 – Expose more, teach less  Beach day for unschoolers, when its 81 degrees  and you haven’t been swimming in months it’s a beach day!!  We mostly chased the seagulls – ( I have never seen so many) and played in the water and it was freezing.  We found a dead stingray that had chunks out of it and lots of jelly fish. Next at our Beach day for unschoolers, we played at the playground next to Continue reading