Edible Science: Make color changing Sugar Cookies

Color Changing Sugar Cookies are not only a fun science project but yummy to eat. It was so cool seeing the dough change colors right before our eyes.  I have to honest here, they are no the best cookies I have ever had but keep in mind we are adding cabbage juice to the mixture.  Please feel free to adjust this recipe to your taste buds.  I started with a sugar cookie recipe and edited Continue reading

Magic Science Experiments

Magic Science Experiments I have four apprentice magicians that wanted to combine magic and science and this is how we made our magic science experiments. We took out our magic ingredients of citric acid, a base ( baking soda), vegetable oil, zinc sulfide, polyacrylamide, golden paper, water, and a magic wand to make different potions, and we even made things disappear. Our first experiment was to make a magic wand… This took an hour to Continue reading

Magic School Bus science acid and base experiments

Magic School Bus is always more fun when two friends come over to help figure out the difference between an acid and a base. The first thing I did was boil water and red cabbage and strain out the cabbage pieces, to make an indicator solution to help us decide if the solution was an acid, base or neutral. The first experiment was a taste test of 5 different substances. Our hint was that the acid solutions Continue reading