Watch new Youtube video You might be an Unschooler if

homeschool art class

Today we worked on our opening YouTube video, You might be a Unschooler if, for our Unschooling Paradise page. We started off by writing all the things we love about unschooling or homeschooling. Then we went over ideas on what kind of video we wanted to make. The girls came up with thousands of sayings that we could use in our video. We narrowed it down to our favorites and wrote them down on a Continue reading

Kids that actually love school

enjoy school

Yes, that’s right kids that love school, who get up in the morning, get dressed and ask with a smile on the bright faces when does school start or in our case co-op? Sugar and Hugs were so excited they both did book reports for class today. Sugar’s was on facts about dinosaurs and Hugs did a story she made up using her vocabulary words in the back of her woodchuck book. Then the kids Continue reading

Frida Kahlo – homeschool art projects

Art Projects for homeschooling included taking an art class from scribble art studio where we are doing a segment on Meet the masters.  This week we learned about Frida Kahlo and why she did so many self portraits and how she was able to have an exclusive show at the Louvre in Paris France. The girls were so excited because they have actually been to The Louvre in Paris France, and began telling everyone about Continue reading

Seussical Musical – water lilly

I have been very slack the last couple days and haven’t been posting what the girls have been learning about, so for the next couple days I am recapping to get everyone up to speed. These are in particular order so just enjoy…. Seussical the Musical – two of our friends (Rylee, and Riley) were in the play. They were awesome and it was really exciting trying to pick out our friends on the stage. Continue reading

Meet the masters art class

We started a new program in art class but it will take full effect next week, Meet the Masters. We will be studying an artist every week at home and then doing a painting, drawing, sculpture, etc like the artist did. We want the kids to listen to classical music that goes along with the artist to really get them in the mood. This week we did Jean Michel Basquiat and today we finished by reading Continue reading

Skate Party

We had an amazing skate party today and what a turn out! We had 140 skaters from all over the Savannah area. I am really excited about the turn out and am planning a end of the year skating party in May. We are also planning on doing a day camp but more on that Monday-ish, I am exhausted from our long day. We started our day at Scribble Art studio at our weekly art Continue reading