Unschool Zoo science and around the world

Reid Park Zoo was small but had many animals throughout the zoo.  It was fun seeing live animals after spending the day at the Sonora Desert Museum. We enjoyed reading the signs about each animal and I enjoy quizzing the girls about certain facts to see if they remember from the last zoo. I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time because Munchy and Hubby got to practice some photography.  She is really enjoying Continue reading

How do Unschoolers or homeschoolers learn about Greece


How do Unschoolers or homeschoolers learn about Greece?  We take a trip to Greece by going to the Greek Festival  in the middle of the week and come back before anyone notices and then counts it as school days.  No really, we go to the 63rd annual Greek Festival during the day when we thought everyone else would be at work or in school, but to our great surprise everyone had the same idea as Continue reading

Make fairy bread like they do in Australia and taste Vegemite

How to make Fairy Bread

Make fairy bread like they do in Australia and taste Vegemite Fairy Bread is a soft white bread, smothered in creamy butter and covered with as many colorful sprinkles (which are called 100 or 1000 in Australia) as the bread will allow.  This is a fun food made Down Under and used in kids party and really fun to make when learning about Australia. Take 2 on Australia day, where the girls and I made Continue reading

Australia Day with art work, facts, and fun videos

We started our Food around the world series, I actually had planned for us to go to each one of these wonderful countries but since the airfare is a little out of my price range, the kids would probably drive  me nuts (like they are driving me now), I decided it best just to go in our minds. Huggs and Munchy actually started yesterday by learning about and making ANZAC Biscuits, they were so yummy Continue reading