Pictograph Caves State Park Montana

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Hugs believes that the prehistoric hunters were trying to tell us how they lived by painting on the walls of Pictograph Caves State Park in Montana. The paintings were done on limestone and nature has taken its toll. The paintings are very faded but you can still make out a lot of the figures on the walls. Unschooling history and archeology is about asking questions that Continue reading

Imagine when mammoths roamed the earth

Mammoth site

It’s fun to go back in time and imagine when Mammoths roamed the earth. Isabelle’s favorite animal is the Wooly Mammoths and she was extra excited to go visit the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. It is said that every time they dig down anywhere in the Dakotas they find dinosaurs. We arrive at the site just in time for the first tour and were lucky because there were only eight people total.  In Continue reading