Roadside Fun: Name the animal that helps guard a Columbian Mammoth herd

Name the animal that helps guard a Columbian Mammoth herd. We just visited The Waco Mammoth National Monument with some friends from Fulltime Families. The kids learned about the Columbian Mammoths and believed to be twice the size of Woolly Mammoths. Columbian Mammoths First, a little history about Columbian Mammoths that we learned during our tour of the dig site. The site consists of three different time periods. During our tour, we learned about a Continue reading

Abercorn Archaeology

Abercorn Archaeology – it’s located off State Route 204 (Abercorn Extension) and the King George Boulevard interchange – turn left at Georgetown intersection and turn into Parker’s convince store parking lot and right behind the car wash is parking – look for the fence… Mrs. Rita was awesome and we learned so much about archaeology.  She showed us how they started off by taking a survey of the land and made tones of maps.  The Continue reading