Slumber party

 Slumber Party Yes, I am nuts I let 12 girls spend the night.  I was shocked at how good they all behaved and how much fun everyone had at the slumber party. The girls started off the day with their  roller skates, watched a movie, read some stories, played littlest  pet shop, played a few games on the iPad, and then ended up doing a fashion show. Ok it really was a nice night since Continue reading

World War II

Molly McIntire is a fictional character that lived during World War II, and happens to be McKenzey McIntyre’s American girl doll. We got a book on Molly McIntire and the WW2, we read the first couple of pages. We learned about Molly and her family. We learned about why her father was not at home but was fighting in the war. We learned how women helped the war effort and how everyone had to sacrifice Continue reading

Thursday – more Sewing

Belle got a taste of it sewing and loved it!!! She finished her sleeping bag and then started on a party skirt using our American girl patterns. I think we are supposed to make a shirt and then somehow figure out how to sew them together. Yea, and I have to figure out buttons, snaps, or Velcro to close the back – any ideas for beginners?? We might go ask Joanne’s fabric store Mac and Belle Continue reading