STEAM: What is it and can Unschoolers use it?

STEM has been one of those anagrams that people have been throwing around for the last couple years.  Over the last year, we have been hearing the phrase more and more on TV and the internet.  So what is STEM and why should Unschoolers or Homeschoolers be learning everything we can?  Unschoolers should take every advantage out there about STEM or STEAM.

What is STEAM?

Science Technology Engineering, Art and Math is an acronym that stands for STEAM Education but most refer to it as STEM (minus the”A” for Art).  I like including the Art because we do a lot of Art projects.  Basically we are trying to teach kids K-12th grade more about all four of these subjects.  Some of the most amazing and coolest jobs were created using all four subjects.  Here a great website that names a few job …Mashable.  


This year since we have decided to stop traveling full time I thought I would do a series on this amazing website, cool projects and fun ideas that I have found all over the internet that have to do with STEAM.  Unschooler and Homeschoolers have a huge advantage over all other kids (a go to brick and morter school) because they have all day to take classes, learn neat and new things explore ideas and keep exploring over longer period of time until they want to go to another subject.  My two girls are currently taking a college level programming course, Learn to Mod,  that teaches Java in Minecraft, making doll furniture, exploring museums around the area, and starting a blog this year.  I am so excited to talk about these and much more as the year progresses.


About Chrissie

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