Speed Racer slow down how to earn FTF Explorer Badge

We are earning our Caretaker FTF Explorer Badge with our very fast baby turtle. He really is not that fast compared to a puppy but for baby turtle standards he is a super fast turtle.  Speedy is so fast that we have dropped him a couple of times but luckily there is no brain damage (I promise we would never hurt an animal – just kidding).

FTF Explorer BadgeTo earn our FTF Explorer Caretaker Badge the child must take responsibility for their pet by taking them on walks for a minimum of a month.  It also states that if you don’t have a pet offer to take your neighbor’s pet on daily walks and pick up pet waste.  Since we have not been anywhere for more than a couple of weeks it has been very hard to get this badge.  The good news is that Munchy got a baby turtle for her birthday and the girls have been very good at taking care of Speedy Squirmy Little Dude Turtle. They have exercised him several times a day, cleaned his container, and rocks and brushed him with a toothbrush every other day.  They make sure he has food and take him outside so he can get those good sun rays.

FTF Handy Helper BadgeMunchy has earned her Handy Helper Badge by learning the name of 10 tools and did maintenance on our RV.  Munchy helped her father check to make sure that the battery had enough voltage to run the RV, and the good news it does, YEA!!

FTF RV Maintenance BadgeBoth Girls earned their RV Maintenance badge by learning how to put down the gears, connecting the RV to shore power, by plugging in the power cord from RV to campsite electric. They learned how to connect the water and sewer lines.  We even went a stepfather and showed the girls how to dump both the grey (sink and shower water) and the black tank (potty water).  You never know when there is an emergency.

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