Sleeping around

This is where we found Jack when it was time for bed…. Sleeping in a laundry basket that Belle had put her blanket and body pillow in to watch a movie.

We also caught Conan sleeping on Mac’s bed like he was a person. The idea of these animals!


I took the girls to Jo-Ann Fabric store and got them each 1/2 yard of the soft fleece that was on sale.  Mac got so excited that when we got home she got Bunny and she measured out fabric so we could make a sleeping bag for her.  Then she sewed it all by herself, and we turned it right side out and it was done.  We also had enough to make her doll a warm sleeping bag and a body pillow.  She only pinned those two because I realized it was 10pm at night, and wow was I tired.
Next was our science experiment, making invisible ink. We used lemon juice, Coke, saltwater and fruit juice, and wrote on paper by dipping a cotton swab in each juice, then writing a secret message.  They are letting it dry overnight and then tomorrow we will use a toaster or a hairdryer and see what the message is…Belle’s predictions are that lemon juice will make the best invisible ink, and Mac thinks the salt water – We will see. . .

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