clay fairy and food science experiments

Yes, we did do science today but first, check out Huggy’s finished clay fairy. Belle made this clay fairy out of polymer clay and with only a little help for me.  I found the mini clay fairy tutorial on downloaded and help Huggy follow the directions to make her small fairy. We did 2 experiments today, one to see how a candy thermometer works and the other to see how taste buds work.

20130115-213321.jpg 20130115-213328.jpg

Trick our Tongue Experiment

The first experiment was to see if we could trick our tongue.  I got this experiment off a great website I use a lot (and it’s free)  We are using the scientific method to get our questions and answers – she is linked to page that explains scientific method for kids (thank my favorite Uncle).

The girls had to bite a normal apple, Second we had to bite it again while holding a cotton ball. We used a paper towel to drench in vanilla to see if the apple smelled like the vanilla. What do you think? Check out the video to find out the answer.

Candy Kitchen Science Kit

The 2nd experiment we opened up the candy kitchen science kit that Santa gave us and did the first experiment in the group of many.  This one was to show us how a thermometer worked. The girls had to read the temp right out of the box.  Then Mac held it in her hand, and then stuck it in hot tap water. They dipped it  in ice-cream, and then against an ice-cube just for fun, and finally in our mouth (just because).

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  1. You may be able to do experiments on tempering chocolate using the candy thermometer. The chocolate that you buy is always tempered and you can tell because it is shiny and snaps when you break it. If you melt and let us cool, the consistency is different and you may get pools of fat on the surface. Tempering is the method where you try to get the right kind of fat crystals (evidently, there are 4 or 5 types) to line up inside the chocolate as it cools so that the result is shiny and snappy, just like store-bought chocolate. OK. Please try it with your kids and let me know because I have not had the courage yet to try it with my own kids. Let me know, okay ? – your brother, Dave.