Savannah After dark tales of the lost soles

Have you ever wondered what happens in Savannah after dark? The best way to find out is by taking a Savannah Ghost Tour, the original ghost tour.  We loved this tour because our guide told the history and real ghost stories, He told us stories that he had heard by more that one person and not the made up tall tales.

Savannah After Dark

Savannah After darkIt was a dark and stormy night, actually, it was quite hot according to my cousins from Michigan. They thought they were going to melt from the heat. In reality, it was actually a bit cool for Savannah and clear enough to see the stars.

Savannah After darkThe night started in one of the Savannah squares with the Michigan cousins (who were melting), the French family (who were eating their weight in candy), and finally the traveling family (your’s truly).  We meet the ghost guide, who had fun hair, and he told us about the supernatural history of Savannah. He took us to old hotels, old historic homes, on a creepy ghost trail, visited cemeteries, and a haunted jail.  This jail, owned by SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, was so haunted that even the homeless wouldn’t sleep in the jail. 

Our ghost guide told us about secret tunnels that exist under Savannah. He told us ghost stories in the cemetery of kidnapped people who were drug into the tunnels. We learned about a haunted Inn where Disney stayed and got his inspiration for the party room at the Haunted Mansion. Lastly, a Bed and Breakfast story that people have woken up with a crowd of ghosts watching them sleep.

Harry Potter Book Extravaganza

IMG_2323Harry Potter Book Extravaganza was held at Barnes and Noble. They had a scavenger hunt, wand making, house sorting, quidditch, and face painting.  The best part was drinking a Butter Beer Frappuccino at midnight with my cousins.  My sister and I got sorted into the Slytherin house (no surprise) while the others went into Ravenclaw, (smarties). Most of all, as a Harry Potter Fan I am sure you would have loved petting an owl, meeting other muggles, and trying your hand at a little magic.

Tybee House

IMG_2366Finally, my awesome Grandmother found an amazing house on Tybee which had an elevator, that’s right folks, with buttons and a call box.  Our cousins from Michigan joined us later in the week and were able to tour historic parts of Savannah. We got to go shopping, swimming, sailing, and eat lots and lots of doughnuts. Spend dinner with everyone including my great aunts, uncles, and of course my grandparents.

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