sand versus gel ant farm experiment, getting started

Follow along with us as we do a science experiment, sand versus gel ant farm.  We wanted to see if ants dig better in gel or their natural habitat, sand.   I always wanted an ant farm when I was little, so I thought a science experiment would be fun.  Santa brought us a gel one that changes color, AntWorks Colors of Life.  Uncle Milton Sand Ant Farm from Amazon and it came with an ant coupon for live ants. I ordered a total of 50 ants and had 25 ants for each farm.

We started our experiment by coming up with a hypothesis…

sand versus gel ant farmMunchy believes that ants will tunnel faster in the gel and Huggy believes the ants will do more tunnels in the sand.

To start our experiment we watched a video on Netflix called Fire Ants.  We wanted to do a little research before we got our ants and started our experiment.  YouTube videos are a great place to start, here is a really interesting one to get you started. We also went to the library and checked out several books on ants and insects.


20130515-175557.jpgGirls got so excited when the sand ant farm and ants came in the mail.  We decided to put the ants in the gel ant farm first and then put the ants in the sand farm.  The directions said to put the ants in the refrigerator for 15 minutes so they won’t move as much and then pour them into the farm. Next, we did the sand ant farm but watched the videos see how to do it first.  When we put the ants in the gel ant farm, we dropped a few of the ants. Girls just knew I was going to get stung, but since they were cold they didn’t move and everyone was fine.

Click here to the winner:
The winner of the sand ant farm and gel ant farm experiment

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