The winner of the sand ant farm and gel ant farm experiment

 The Winner is:  Gel Ant Farm

IMG_1758The gel ant farm vs sand ant farm experiment started a week ago but the true winner is the gel ant farm.  We almost feel sorry for the sand ant farm.  The gel ant farm has twice as much room, made a lot more tunnels and seem to be trying to eat the seal around the lid to get even more room. The gel ants are very aggressive but we have only lost one ant.

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Sand Ant Farm

It’s amazing how the two farms are working so differently.  The Giant Sand Ant Farm has made a huge hill which they have buried their dead in, and have engulfed their food with sand all around it.  They have only made tunnels on half the farm and have recently started connecting them. and started making huge progress on the other side of the farm.

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If we could only choose one farm,  it would be the cool gel one, but the girls and I think it is really cool that we got both just so we could watch the differences.  Also, buy your live ants from an ant farm expert.

sand ant farm experiment


The are five science experiment  at and experiments with ants can help us to understand more about them and to appreciate their role on our planet. I think we will do another experiment in a month or so but I found a lot of good information on ants that I wanted to share.  Last week we watched a movie on Netflix: Fire Ants, and now I have ordered some really cool books from amazon.  Let us know which ant farm worked best for you, we always love pictures and comments.


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