Salt Life – homeschool class at the beach

What could be more fun than having homeschool class at the beach?  Homeschool class at the beach is fun even if you didn’t plan on going today and actually Huggs started her day off by taking her first acrylic painting class that I got free from CraftsyAfter we woke up, I had some coffee and the girls got a little breakfast and after a little persuasion, it seemed like the fun thing to do today.  This is one of many things that I love about homeschooling my kids, getting to go to the beach on a beautiful sunny day just because.  So now your saying, hey that can’t count as a school day – but yes we can!!


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Disney Vacation

It is all how you look at it, most people don’t think a Disney Vacation is educational but we love Disney and it is very educational. Not only can you learn about different countries, animals, sea, and land, you can speak to college students in their native tongue, taste food from all over the world, learn about dinosaurs, and our favorite is all the behind the scene classes.  Heck, they spend tons of money making sure every part of Disney is educational.  You just have to open your eyes and look outside the box.

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Behind the scenes after the beach

We practiced our multiplication tables on the way to the beach and on the way back.  The girls did a really great job doing all their chores last week, so I decided we should stop at the crazy Fish place on the way back so the girls could spend the money they earned. Huggs charmed one store owner so much that she got an extra turtle for only $1 (sold to tourist for $5.99).  Munchy finished her report on Jane Goodall and then when Daddy got home they did a few more classes on Photography 101.  We also celebrated my last day of work by going to the doughnut shop!!

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