Roadside Trivia: Where is Sacagawea buried?

Have you ever wondered where Sacagawea was buried? Ok me neither but we found out by accident today because we saw a sign on the way to South Pass City.  This is not an easy place to find but luckily I had 3G (which is a miracle in this area) and could look it up on Roadside America. Here is what I found:

From Lander drive north on US Hwy 287 to Fort Washakie, about 14 miles. Turn left (west) at the Sinclair gas station. Follow N. Fork Rd for a half-mile, then bear left onto S. Fork Rd. Drive a quarter-mile, then bear right to continue on S. Fork Rd. Drive one mile. Turn left onto Cemetery Lane. You’ll see the cemetery ahead on the right. The statue is easy to spot; the grave is the tall tombstone near the log cabin.

Roadside Trivia: Where is Sacagawea buriedIf your heart is set on finding Sacagawea resting place, don’t give up. It’s a nice cemetery with and astounding amount of over grown weeds, and some beautiful airbrushed crosses. There is a statue to represent her life, a few historical marker and lot of gifts left behind from those who have visited, like a Disney smashed quarter, flowers, and even a shoes.

Roadside Trivia: Where is Sacagawea buriedThe Shoshone Indian have no proof that she was really buried here but these are the lands of her native people. The historical signs state her gravestone is midway down the cemetery to the east or west, along with those of her son Baptistte and her adopted son Brazil. Also on the grounds of the cemetery is a small log building which was the first school for Indians, built in 1878.


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