Roadside Fun Trivia: Name the largest freestanding bronze sculptures in the world

Great Land RushImagine lining up for the race of your life and over 50,000 other people with horses, buggies all lined up for the same race trying to get the same thing.  This land was taken from the Indians and will now be given to the pioneers and is said to be the best unoccupied public land in the United States..  The gun sounds and you ride like you never have before in your life and are willing to take people out to get that piece land that you believe is the best.

Great Land RushThese bronze sculptures features 45 heroic (life and one-half size) figures of land run participants, frozen in motion as they race to claim new homesteads. Amazed by their size and life like stance, I can’t help think of the movie “Night at the museum” and wonder what would happen if these statues came to life while we were holding the tablet of Ahkmenrah.

Have you figured out the name of these amazing sculptures?  If you guessed “The Great Land Rush” then you win a “Hooray”!!  Great job and here is a little more info the girls found out when they google the “great land rush”.:

  • “Boomers” – settlers who entered the territory at the legally appointed time.
  • “Sooners” – participated in the run entered the unoccupied land early and hid there until the legal time of entry.
  • By the end of the day (April 22, 1889), both Oklahoma City and Guthrie had established cities of around 10,000 people in literally half a day.
  • The area that was opened to settlement included all or part of the present-day Canadian, Cleveland, Kingfisher, Logan, Oklahoma, and Payne counties of the US state of Oklahoma.
  • The land run started at high noon on April 22, 1889, with an estimated 50,000 people lined up for their piece of the available two million acres.

Mrs. America WinnerWe also found the three Mrs. America winners from Oklahoma City University, dedicated by Mr. Gaylord.  The winners and statues are Jane Jayroe, Susan Powell, and Shawntel Smith. We found a huge milk bottle on a building (we think was an ice-cream store), and a huge gold dome that is also part of Oklahoma City University. There is also a nice walk along the river which is part of the “Brick City”. The highlight of our walk was seeing a family of geese.

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