Roadside Fun: Name the richest state Park in the Country?

Can you name the Richest state park in the country? I will give you a hint: You will find the hardest substance on the planet and then think about what states you can find them. This place also happens to be a State Park but unlike most parks everything you find you can take home. Ok well only 5 LB buckets of washed rocks per person, and honestly that looked like a lot of work.

img_4931Guessed yet? Crater of the Diamond State Park is a beautiful wooded park with full hookup spots. The bathrooms were pretty clean except for the spiders in the stalls, but no bugs bothered me the one time I used them. There is also a really nice laundry room for those that travel full-time. They also offered dedicated sites for tents with electric hooks up but every site had pads for tents. Also, don’t forget the 2-mile hike with fun exercise stations and a sidewalk for half the hike.

Crater of the Diamond State Park

img_4937Diamond hunting starts at the visitor center with information on how to find diamonds. Amazing stories on diamonds that had been found, and how much they were worth. We learned what to look for, Green colored clumps of hard clay, and other rocks and minerals you might find. We learned how the diamonds are formed and how they came to the surface. Several people tried to mind the diamonds with no success. Most of the diamonds found are either too small or not the right color or clarity.

popcornWe gave the Diamond of the Crater State Park eight popcorns out of 10. It was an inexpensive fun day to search for diamonds and learn about how they are formed. I suggest bringing some gloves, and maybe a shovel to help dig. Walk up and down the rows and look for anything that shines. The best time to go is after a hard rain and stay at the state park. We went in the morning and looked for a couple of hours, went home for lunch, and then went back in the afternoon. Unfortunately, all we found were lots and lots of rock, but the good news is Belle can use some to make necklaces.

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