Roadside Fun: Name the longest running roadside attraction in Florida?

Everyone close your eyes and guess were the most magical place on earth?  No, a certain mouse does not live here but there are magical creatures that sing and dance under water.  These creatures are half-fish and half beautiful women.

roadside attraction Weeki WacheeThe Seminole Indians named these enchanted, warm waters “little spring” or “winding river”. The spring is so deep the bottom has never been found, and each day more than 117 million gallons of clear fresh water move toward the Gulf of Mexico. When the attraction first opened, beautiful girls in swim suits would beckon drivers to come watch the show, like sirens of ancient that lured sailors over the side of their ships.  Girls would come from all over the world to try out for the privilege to be a  mermaid . This attraction opened on October 13,1947 and is the longest running mermaid show and most unique roadside attraction.

popcornHave you figures out that Gloups visited Weeki Wachee State Park and watched the mermaid show.  We watched the performance of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. Gloups gave this park 10 out of 10 popcorns because for $44 for family of four ($13 adults, and $8 for kids) you get a lot for you money.  The price includes Buccaneer Bay (which is a water park), mermaid show, reptile show, and river boat ride. The mermaid show was amazing, the boat ride was fun and the clear water let you see all sort of fish, and the animals show was very informative.

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