Roadside Fun: Name the home for the only President of the Confederacy

Can you guess the name of the home for the only President of the Confederacy? It only served from February 1861 until May 1861, when the Confederate capital moved to Richmond, Virginia. This small White house is filled with original period pieces from the 1850s and 1860s.

champer potAs you enter this white house “Yankee Bob” greeted us with great enthusiasm, and engaged us with all sorts of fun facts about the house. One fun fact is there are no bathrooms, really not one, but if you look at the picture to the right you will see what looks like stairs, but it is actually has a hole in the second seat where you placed a bucked underneath and that where they did their business. To wash their faces they used a large ornate bowl, water, and a cloth.

IMG_1097_1024We enjoyed getting a glimpse of this error and the life of a true Southern Bell. The furnishing was elegant and well maintained. We even got to get a picture of the angel in the White House that was in the Dining Room and can only be seen through your cell phone or camera lens.

IMG_1092_1024This was the executive residence of President Jefferson Davis and their family while the capital of the Confederacy was in Montgomery, Alabama. Most of the artifacts in the house were owned by the Davis family and donated to the Lady the White House Association.

IMG_1093_1024Have you guessed the Name of the home for the only President of the Confederacy? The First White House of the Confederacy and you probably guessed that President Davis was only the Confederate president. We gave this seven popcorns out of ten because it is FREE to visit and Yankee Bob gives everyone amazing stories about the First White House of the Confederacy.

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