Roadside Fun: Name the animal that helps guard a Columbian Mammoth herd

Name the animal that helps guard a Columbian Mammoth herd. We just visited The Waco Mammoth National Monument with some friends from Fulltime Families. The kids learned about the Columbian Mammoths and believed to be twice the size of Woolly Mammoths.

Columbian Mammoths

img_5157-2First, a little history about Columbian Mammoths that we learned during our tour of the dig site. The site consists of three different time periods. During our tour, we learned about a herd of females and youth that got swept away in a flash flood and buried. Two men who were looking for arrowheads discovered an unusual bone. Lucky, they took the bone to Baylor University where they discovered it was a mammoth bone.

img_5152-2The Columbian Mammoth is about 14 feet tall at the shoulder and has a very bad eye sight. The animal that helps guard the herd had amazing eyesight. Consequently, this animal is not thought to originate in North America. Scientist believes these animals originated in North America and used the land bridge to migrate into Asia. In conclusion, it is believed that the camel was the eyes of the herd (having better eye site) and the mammoth was the muscle and protection for the camel.

img_5160-2Have you figured out which animals guard a Columbian Mammoth herd yet? The North American female Camel would join a group of mammoths and alert the herd if there was a predator close. They actually believed these camels looked more like lamas and did not develop humps till they entered the desert of Asia.

img_5161-2We loved the tour and learned a lot about Columbian mammoths, the Mega Sloth, and Saber Tooth Tiger. The ranger had fun testing the kids, to make sure they were listening, of course. We learned about several mammoth fun facts, and how the scientist discovered age and sex.

Popcorn Guide

popcornThis mammoth site got 10 popcorns out of 10 because we got our own special tour guide. We learned a lot of new information and it’s Belle’s favorite animal. Our friends from Fulltime Families joined us on tour, which made it even more fun. The best part of traveling in running into friends and family along with our route. We all had fun eating out several times and watching “Hairspray Live’.

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