Is Roadschooling expensive and do you need a budget

Are you interested in traveling full-time and curious how expensive Roadschooling is?  Inquiring minds want to know if Roadschooling is expensive and do you need a budget. I will do my best to answer these questions.

img_5211Road schooling is when you travel and do school on the road incorporating museums, historical sites, zoos, aquariums, and national parks into your curriculum. Sometimes we include online classes, summer camps, 4-H, co-op, or even field trips with local homeschool groups. The best part about Roadschooling is that you can do it on small road trips, long road trips, or travel full time like us.

img_4738The difference between traveling full-time and taking a vacation is how much you spend. Since this is our life and we are constantly on vacation, we tend to not do all touristy things. We stay away from the high-dollar tourist traps. I seek out inexpensive or free things to do and we tend to lean toward educational activities. We don’t eat out a lot and have a lot of “do nothing days” where we just hang at the camper. We love hiking and just walking around towns and window shopping which is always free.

Is Roadschooling expensive and do you need a budget?

img_4860It depends on what you want to do at each destination. In a previous post “Free passes to parks and museums”. I give a long list of the reciprocal museum and memberships that we buy at the beginning of the year. I actually don’t have a budget and love to just wing life these days. If I come across a class I think my kids will enjoy online then I purchase it. We don’t need the typical notebooks, binders, pencils, crayons, or baby wipes like most kids, which saves us a bundle.

Here is our Roadschool Budget

$0.00         School Supplies
$0.00         Learn to Mod – Free for Life – College Credit
$60.00       2 Life of Fred Books _ Math
$80.00       National Park Pass – good for the whole family and one year
$100.00     Science technology/zoo Aquarium pass, good for one year
$85.00       TTRS (Touch Type Read Spell), good for one year5
$40.00       Polymer Clay Jewelry Class – 1-year subscription
$100.00     Fashion Design Class
$40.00       Sewing Class – Learn to Sew: Shift Dress
$160.00       Books to Read for Fun

665.00 Total school cost for the year for both girls

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