Roadschool Fun: Name least popular selling color for Harley Davison Motorcycle in USA

Name the first motorcycle that comes to mind? Most people would say, Harley Davison, because they are the most iconic names in the business. Now tell me, which color Harley Davison motorcycle is sold the least? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you yet because it’s more fun this way.

Facts about Harley Davidson

img_3451First some fun facts, did you know Harley is sold all over the world. They claim to be the oldest factory in the US, 1903. Harley Davison motorcycles started in a small wooden shack with two friends, William S Harley and Author Davidson. Their big break came when the police departments made a contract to buy thousands. They made a name for themselves during the World Wars. Your first clue, which color were all motorcycles painted during WWI and WWII?

img_3463The Free factory tour was more than we bargained for. The best part was spending time with our grandparents. Factory tour offers a limited view of the assembly line and designated fabrication areas. They also offer a steel toe which is $35 per person. The Steel Toe Tour goes behind-the-scenes through areas previously unseen by the public. No pictures are allowed during the tour.

Name least popular selling color for Harley Davison Motorcycle in the USA

img_3462Have you guessed which color paint they sell the least of? It is also considered unlucky among car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Funny it’s my husband favorite color, Green, because it’s the color of money. So, why is green so unlucky? Ever motorcycle during the wars was painted army green. The enemy knew this and would kill the messengers who happen to be riding green motorcycles. Also green is unlucky in the racing world because anyone driving a green car would get into wrecks. This spilled over to the general public. Our tour guide said every year they make a new green color scheme and it just doesn’t sell. Now guess the best selling motorcycle color, Black.

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