Queens Crown

A priceless crown was stolen from the Las Vegas Gallery of Fine Jewels.  The two best detectives are on the case to find out who stole the crown and how they did it.

20121119-033525.jpgThere are four suspects, and we had to read each one of their statements. We had to compare the suspects photos to see who could use a  metal tool to pry opening the handcuff chains. There were some finger prints on a plane ticket, travel brochure, and print on the brief case, and we had to see if any of them matched the suspects prints. We had to test a piece of cloth found on the plane, and last we had to do a PH test.

Here is who the girls thought did and how….

Both girls picked the right suspect but we missed up on the ph balance and the girls didn’t realize  the finger prints on the brochure and ticket were the flight attendant, but overall they did very well.

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