Do you have problems in school? Should I home school?

I started homeschooling or unschooling when we moved to Florida, and I had the great opportunity to work from home.  I decided to unschool for several reasons.  The first was because my oldest daughter was having problems in school.  Kids made fun of her because she read slow. We found out she had a problem with her eyes couldn’t focus, but learned she has a photographic memory. It really upset me because I had so many problems in school ( I am dyslexic) and now she hates to read.  It broke my heart and her attitude has rubbed off on my youngest daughter.  The second is when we went to the schools in Florida they would not let us see in the classrooms and meet any teachers or even explain the curriculum.  This did not sit well with me.

My Uncle showed me some great articles about unschooling, how you could do it for little or no money. All you need is a laptop computer or Apple iPad Mini.  You could do science in your kitchen or garage using Steve Spangler Science. You can teach your kids to read just my reading to them, reading with them and them reading to you. My children read on the iPad, by picking books they want to read.  We do lots of math games, we got multiplication and division cards for $1 at Target and practiced those while we take the dog for a walk.  I have bought lots of books for ideas for teaching.  The kids play in their room a lot come up with games, role play, play board games, and just have fun.

The girls ask lots of questions and that is the best way to learn.  Most of the time I know the answerer and sometime I don’t but we look it up on the computer or in a book and read and find out together.

Tell me your story of how you got started 

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