plankton expensive face mask or just fun

20121201-193026.jpgI think today we thought it was more fun to just splash, play and use the marsh mud for face paint.  4H was all about plankton, and the marsh.  We learned that there are 2 different kind of plankton phytoplankton – plant life that are drifters and produce 75% of the world oxygen. Zoo Plankton which are baby plankton that start as plankton and end up as Lobster, shrimp, and crabs.

We started our class by learning about the different levels of the marsh:

  • Tidal Creeks
  • Low Marsh
  • High Marsh
  • Hammock

Then we got to go look at a slide of Plankton and got a sheet on different kinds of plankton, and the kids got the chance to identify several different kinds and the instructors talked all about them.

20121201-192951.jpgLast (and the most fun) we headed to the marsh and with are rubber boots we went right in the marsh to find different plants and animals.  We found lots of hermit crabs and the kids all tried to grab as many as they could. Then they divided into teams and got to jump hard to feel the ground shake when they jumped. Then the instructors got real crazy and everyone put mud on their face.

We finished with lunch at Wiley’s on Whitemarsh and Munchies…

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