Pixar writing Class: more fun than a box of chocolates

I have never, and I mean never seen my kids so excited about Pixar writing Class.  They actually despise writing book reports and will do anything to avoid doing it.  I blame the fancy private school the girls used to go to in our home town.  The Pixar writing class was honestly the most fun we have had and the kids actually looked forward to each assignment every night.

Here is what we did to write a short story for the Willa Wonka writing contest.

The Roald Dahl writing contest is for ages 5-12.  Willy Wonka is looking for amazing story ideas from across the US.  My oldest was a little too old since she turned 14 years old in March.  The great thing about my kids is they are both willing to do whatever crazy idea I come up with. So, even though my oldest couldn’t enter she did the assignment anyway.  To enter the contest you have to write a 100-word creative story. 

Pixar story 

Hank – Pixar/ Disney Inspired Tea Holder

Pixar storytelling is awesome because first, you watch short videos (5 minutes) and then they give you several assignments. Each assignment builds on the next one and so on.  We loved it, mainly because we love and I mean LOVE anything, Disney. I have a special place in my heart because graduated from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) with a 3D animation degree.


Here the assignments we did before we wrote our story

Funniest story I remember when I was a child:

I was on the monorail at Disney World when I was three. M sister mom and dad. My sister and I were both wearing princes’s tiaras. I thought it would is funny to put my tiara on my dad’s head and it was hilarious. 

Pick three Movies for the assignment:
(1) Pirates of the Caribbean Dead man’s chest
(2) Beauty and the Beast
(3) The Sorcerers’ Apprentice
What do they all have in common?
All three movies have love stories and magic in them
How are they different?
(1) Pirates of the Caribbean Dead man’s chest is a live action comedy with Pirates. It has violence, excitement, sword fighting and a tragic story of love and betrayal.
(3) The sorcerers’ apprentice is a live action comedy with a lot of magic. People trying to take over the world. A Cute story of a boy that has a crush on a girl and doesn’t figure out if she likes him back till 10 years later.
(2) Beauty and the Beast is an animation with singing, magic, a prince and princesses and a beautiful love story.
What were the  What if’s of each movie…..
(1) What if pirates were on the run for dave jones
(3) What if a young sorcerer had to save the wold
(2) What if a girl is trapped in a castle with a beast

Now pick your own My what if… for new stories

(1) What if a boy brought home a dinosaur
(2) What if a grill could shrink and make her toy’s come alive
(3) What if a famous soccer player turned into a bear
  • Who are the main characters?
  • Is there a character you identify with most?
  • Where does the movie take place? Is it one world or multiple worlds?
(2) Belle and the beast are the main characters.  France and mid-1700
(3) David Stutler. No. New York City in the time period of unknown and 2010
(1) Captian Jack Sparrow is the main characters. No. The Caribbean and the time period of the 1720 and 1750

Belle Story: 

Timothy didn’t understand what had happened but he wasn’t in the rain forest anymore. So picking up his microwave he started walking towards a group of trees. Timothy sat on a large rock under a coconut tree. Suddenly,  one of the coconuts fell on his head. 

 Sometime later Timothy awoke when something wet, he sat up and opened his eyes. Timothy saw the most adorable thing in the entire universe and realized he was being licked by a little baby dinosaur. The only problem with a baby dinosaur is that somewhere there is a mommy dinosaur.

Mac’s Story

One morning in Greece a girl named Kylie woke up in the middle of the night and decided she was going to build a rocket for her science fair. 

She got up and thought, what better place to do that then in the Coliseum. She got everything she needed to build a home made a rocket and loaded it on her bike.  

Kylie made her way to the Coliseum, she brought four two liter coke bottles, four bike pumps and a lot of duck tape. Though, Kylie knew she couldn’t do it alone.

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