Trip to Paris France Day one

A Guide to the Must See Places in the World: Paris, France Including Musee Du Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, Sorbonne, Jardin Du LuxembourOn Our Way to Paris France

Well, most of you know that the girls are on their way to Paris France and their first stop is  Moriaix, Brittany where my brother lives.  My parents took the girls to France and they just arrived yesterday.  So here are the first set of pictures going to France and the beautiful town where my 100_2874[1]brother, his beautiful wife and kids live.  I am hoping to get lots of pictures everyday – so keep coming back to see wonderful pictures of Paris, France and Brittany.

The first set of pictures are flying to France, going through customs, then the town of Moriaix Brittany.  They go to Paris, France tomorrow anyone jealous yet???  Most of these pictures are being taken by Belle and Mac and a few by Grandaddy.

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One thought on “Trip to Paris France Day one

  1. What a grand adventure! And beautiful pictures that will help them remember it for the rest of their lives!
    I’ve decided I’m doing this with grandsons in a few years (G)