Our tale of Robbery on Grand Canyon Railway on Munchy’s 11th Birthday

Grand Canyon RailroadWe had so much fun riding on the Grand Canyon Railroad. Our tale started on the cold morning of Munchy’s birthday.  We had just sat down to watch a show of cowboys trying to figure out how to rob a bank but threatened to take money from the tourist riding the train instead, it was hilarious.  I was a little concerned that they might actually proceed, but they decided not to so I didn’t worry about it.

It was a relaxing two-hour ride on a 1950s train, we got serenaded while we traveled, andIMG_3287 even got to walk to the cafe car for a yummy snack. The passenger service attendant told us lots of facts about the train and how it was to ride in the late 50s. This was the girl’s and hubby’s first visit to the Grand Canyon, so the first view was amazing. We stayed overnight at the Thunderbird Lodge which gave us more time to do lots of hiking and visit every possible view of the canyon.  We took a free bus down from one end of the canyon and back to the other and got off at most viewpoints to learn more about the canyon and to take amazing pictures.  Munchy brought her camera and had a blast taking pictures of the Canyon and the animals that live around it. The most exciting part is that it snowed on Munchy’s b-day at the Grand Canyon, one wish answered.

IMG_3341The girls did the Jr. Ranger Program to earn their badge and patch.  We had to do 4 pages of a booklet and do a Ranger talk.  Since we were pressed for time we picked the fossil talk in the morning that started at our hotel.  This is not something mom and dad can fill out for the kids because they actually test the kids to make sure they learned something and filled out the book even with a little help.

Our way back on the train was the most exciting because this is where we got robbed by IMG_3354some cowboys.  They stopped the train and the cowboys rode by shooting off their pistols and then proceeded to board the train and make their way to the last car.  Hugs had on her silly hat and every cowboy that walked by tried to take it.  Then our passenger service attendant took the hat and insisted on pictures with the girls.

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