Our first day of Co-op

What is a homeschool Co-op?  A group of families that share a passion for learning at home.  Some groups get together several times a week and other meet once a month, depending on the group.  Our group will be getting together 2 times a week to go over english literature, science, math, social studies, history, arts, crafts, and what ever else we come up with. The main point is to let the girls get together and play and have fun learning.  We also plan on having field trips once a month or every other week.

Homeschool Co-op off by doing an easy lesson on sentence structure and Mrs. L went over nouns, verbs and adjectives and then the girls wrote fun silly sentences using what they just learned.  Then they played a really fun game called “Very Silly Sentence Game“.  The girls took a break and to our surprise put on a little play where each girl was dressed in different period costume.

After lunch we worked on math, first we went over some addition using dominos. Then each girl got up and pretended to be the teacher and explain the multiplication problem that was given to them.  Everyone really enjoyed being the teacher and explaining how they got the answer of each problem.  After everyone went home, Munchy and Hugs decided to do a little Khan Academy and read for 30 minutes.

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