Not back to school, Unschooling High school and Middle School

Not back to school! Our first day back Unschooling High school and Middle School. It’s that time of year when all my friend’s “normal” kids go back to school. First day pics show up on Facebook feeds, which I love. Stay at home moms get excited because they have a whole day with out the kids and time to catch up with friends. I just think it’s fun to join in and it makes me laugh.

Honestly, our first official day of Unschooling high school looked the same as the last day of middle school (24 hours earlier). Since we Unschool all year, every day is a school day and a great day for learning. A typical day is never the same for us. Learning never stops along with the fun and joy we have together. Click here to find out more

How we spent our first day

Instead of waking up at 6am, my kids slept till 10am or so. They got up and came down stairs to eat breakfast in their pajamas. Then got ready for the day. They  decided since it was an official school day, a movie was in order and a snack.


Next, the girls did Khan Academy and TTRS ( Touch Type Read Spell ) . The kids chose their goals for the year which included reading, math, a favorite book series, science, French club and  roller derby. I will discuss more on that later. Another healthy snack was in order, peanut butter strawberry sandwich, and a TV show.  Finally, Belle worked on her business, Gypsy Treasure Earrings (Disney Avatar earrings and Vampire Pumpkins that glow in the dark). Mac did a little accounting for me. Since it was such a nice day we went swimming and relaxed in the sun. Not to bad for our first official day.


Life changes this year

Our life has changed a lot in the last six months. We stopped traveling full time, which I am super sad about, and moved back to our hometown. My husband and I have taken back over the family business and are currently looking at buying a house in the next year ( I honestly never thought I would say that). My goal now is to do some world traveling before the girls are out of the house with a job, college, traveling or Uncollege.

About Chrissie

Follow our crazy journey across America as we visit roadside oddities, historical land marks and beautiful landscapes. I have ton of ideas and review educational products that will help you get the most on your home school adventure. We are an Unschool family that believes the world is our classroom and is teaching our children to self direct their education to a better future.