Not Back to School Day for Unschoolers have all the fun and love learning

Happy Not Back to School Day for Unschoolers, my two angels who will be going into 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and college.  I know your thinking what, did I miss something, I only see two kids in the picture what the deal lady.  When you are Unschooled you and at all different level in each subject and who really cares at this point what society thinks you should be at.  I will explain later….

Not Back to School Day for UnschoolersBack to school is exciting and scary for the kids because they are in a new grade, new teachers, sometimes new class mates and they might be in a new school.  Parents get excited because they get a babysitter for 8 – 10 hours of their day and they get to go back to working out, doing errands without screaming kids at their heels and lunches with their friends, yes some days I am jealous.  Parents do not look forward to all the homework, book reports, studying for tests, science projects, worrying about grades and if their child adds up to the neighbors kids.

Not Back to School Day for Unschoolers is always fun for us, because we get to see all the first day of school pics and watch (from the road) how much everyone has grown.  We of course will not be doing any tests, homework, book reports, worrying about grades, or science projects.  We will not be sitting a desk or table for hours on end or getting on the bus before the sun is up, Yea!

unschool scienceNot back to school means that we will still love learning because we never stop and kind of laugh at the back to school pics (sorry, we really proud of everyone and by no means want to offend anyone). We never stop learning and travel fulltime in a 40 ft 5th wheel, have visited 31 states so far, countless museums, science and technology museums, history museums, national and state parks, battle fields, amusement parks, Disney World (huge fans).  We stop at rest areas and read the historical signs, we sometimes go out of our way to see a roadside attraction, we have meet people from all ver the world, nationalities and religions and have learned something form every one of them, Thank You.

Learn To ModWe will still be reading everyday as a family or listening to audio book on moving day (when we go from one campsite to the other).  The girls read every night and write in their journals, and I honestly have no idea what they write about but they love doing it and that all that matters.  We will still keep doing Khan Academy for math (it’s free and follows common Core (Yuck!)). The girls do Learn to Mod for programming (a college course that we have free for life). Google school, which is researching anything under the sun and finding out answers to questions on the computer.  Watching YouTube videos to learn how to do projects, like make a polymer clay horse for a friend. Taking care of our new Kittens, Hafestis and Tigger, cleaning the cat box and teaching them to walk on a leash.  Walking Speedy the turtle, cleaning his cage and making sure he is feed each morning.  We have several business that we started but you can read more about those here…

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