New Year Eve – Epcot – Disney World

Can you learn anything at Epcot on New Year’s Eve?

Yes, you can learn a lot in Epcot. We watched people; we saw some very cool educational movies about the countries; we went on rides that talked about the country. There is an area about each part of the earth, the land, water, space.  Heck, you are bound to learn something and it’s a lot more fun that sitting in a class room!

Here are Mac and Belle dancing to music in the America exhibit.

Here are some more fun pictures.  Mac made it to midnight – Belle passed out on her Panda pillow pet about 11.


The only draw back to celebrating New Year’s eve at Epcot is that we had to wait 45 minutes to go to the potty . . . unless you use the family bathrooms.   We still had fun!

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