The Never Ending homemade Boat Build and race at FTF Colonial Times Rally

Have you been to a sailboat race, watched a cigarette boat race? A homemade boat race is exhilarating, exciting, and one of the funniest events we have ever seen.  We have spent the last week with 50 families that travel fulltime in an RV. The Fulltime Families Colonial Times Rally was a weekend to remember but the best part of the whole weekend was the homemade boat race. Tall Pines Campground offered fun activities before and after our rally and the owners Gayle and Eddie Bennett help make our rally extradentary.

The Never Ending homemade Boat Build

img_2993The girls told us before we got to the rally that they had no desire to make a boat.  After we arrived meet several friends that all changed.  The problem, no pool noodles, kick boards or floats were available in any store because the pool season was basically over.  Hubby and the girls came up with a great idea of tying two plastic containers together for our first boat design.

img_2973The never ending boat build progressed from two girls and two containers to four girls, eight containers, four leftover noodles and a lot of sticks (for the oars).  We secured the boat together with zip ties, paracord, and gorilla duck tape. By the end, we were given two by fours which we duck taped on the bottom of the boat. The boat not only floated but with four rowers it moved pretty fast. The girls made oars out of sticks they found, plastic container lids and lots of duck tape.


The Never Ending  Race

img_3002“The Pink Ladies” got so competitive they tested the boat out several times in the river and they practiced on land (which was hilarious).  They made pink flamingo hats, had flamingo floating behind the boat and wore pink war paint.  Sadly, in the end, they were 6th across the line. At the beginning of the race, one kid blocked them, and one teammate cut her thumb and couldn’t row.  They also had problems steering and it was a long way to the end.  The winner received a 100 dollar Amazon gift card and $10 gift cards for winner 2-5.  All the competitors received ice cream and the girls had a blast and were excited just to finish. 

FTF Colonial Times Rally

img_2997During the rally, there were seminars for the adults to learn about ups and down of rving, homeschool tips, and how to make this life affordable. There were over 150 kids that played with for hours on the great lawn. They offered kid activities like making homemade ice-cream (which will show you how to do later), colonial crafting, practice skits, and cooking class.  The kids had an entrepreneur marketplace where kids were able to sell old toys or handmade items.  Mine sold books, polymer clay jewelry and made origami bookmark.  They made $35.00 total which they split and I think spent most of it on candy (in true kid fashion). We went bowling, mud sliding, and had fun sitting by the fire with our fulltime families. Ate at Brooks House of Bar-B-Que and watched a rubber duck race. We hope to see ya’ll on the road.

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