What Do Mythology, Egyptians, and Good Storytelling Have in Common?

I love days that are spent with our homeschool family. Well, they weren’t our normal group, but we knew some of the kids at the two classes we went to. What do mythology, Egyptians, and telling a good story have in common? Not a thing, except that two homeschool classes talked about all three subjects.

IMG_6674Today our first homeschool class was with Jim Weiss who is a professional storyteller for 25 years and has traveled all over the world to give his performances.  He started a production company, Greathall Productions, and produced titles from classical literature, such as Greek myths, King Arthur, and Sherlock Holmes. We had the honor of meeting him and taking one of his classes, A Storyteller’s Approach to Teaching Character Education. He told over 30 kids how to use their voice palette to make a good story into a great story. Mr. Weiss talked about the three great secrets of storytelling, how to establish a character, his recipe for a story, and told us some stories from history and fairy tales.

IMG_6678Next, we went to lunch and a much-needed break at the playground. After filling our tummies and playing with some of our homeschool friends we were off to our next class. The local library has started a series on STEM education for homeschool students once a month. Today’s topic was Egypt and Mythology, where the librarian gave a brief presentation and handed out worksheets on the two subjects. We love watching Netflix movies, Youtube videos, and reading about the two subjects so the discussion went on for a couple of days in many different directions.

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