Myrtle Beach soccer tournament

Myrtle Beach here we come

Myrtle Beach here we come…  Here come 18 little girls on the way to rock it in a soccer
tournament.  We didn’t do as good as we all thought we would, planned to win the whole darn thing, but we had a blast anyway.

The girls and I started off the weekend by attending our good friends school play.  The play was a music that the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade put on.  We really enjoyed the singing and dancing and our 2 friends were so excited that we came to watch.  After the play we went to a book sale the school was having and bought some really fun books.

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Lunch was next and then a 4 hour drive to Myrtle Beach.  We stayed a quant, very old, kinda clean hotel right on the beach.  So the only plus we were right on the beach and 6 of the 18 girls  were all next to each other.  Sadly we lost all 6 games (3 for U9 and 3 for U10) but the girls had a blast, swimming, eating at PF Chang for lunch, swimming, shopping, swimming, playing a little soccer, swimming, and being silly in our hotel room.  I guess you see the theme – they loved swimming the most.

Good times, great friends and lots of laughs, we had a great time and all the girls will remember this trip for a long time…

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