Montezuma Castle National Monument left us asking a few questions

Montezuma Castle National MonumentOur day at the Montezuma Castle National Monument left us asking a few questions. Who wouldn’t like to live up in the sky, at least away from predators, floodwaters, and where it is cool in summer and warm in the winter?  That it was the girls learned while doing their Jr. Ranger badge at Montezuma Castle and Montezuma. The girls learned science, about the animals that live in the area, environment, ecosystem, history, and culture.  This was one of our nation’s first national monuments proclaimed by Theodore Roosevelt and America’s first car-bound tourist destination.

Jr Ranger Program

I myself really don’t like doing the Jr. Ranger programs when we get to each destination. The kids miss out on what is right in front of them because they are trying to find the answer to a question or draw a picture of a tree.  I recently learned that you can do the Web Jr. Ranger, send in the booklet and get your badge in the mail.  Another great idea is to learn about each state with USA Edition for 7-12-year-olds. Every month your child will get a packet in the mail activity-packed travel journal, stickers, postcards, and pop-out models.

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