McIntyre Family adventure begins November 1st

The count down begins for the McIntyre family adventure…

fulltime travelStarting November 1st, 2013 we are going to move into an RV and travel the US, Canada, and maybe even Mexico.  Yes, we are moving into a 400 sq. ft. box on wheels, and yes we are nuts!  I got off the same walkway as everyone else 4 years ago when I decided to dive into homeschooling (or unschooling), with no idea of what I was doing or how to do it, but that is a story for another day.

My husband and I have been discussing, planning, and researching this idea for about five years.  I have emailed full-timers and even stopped and talked to people who were traveling full-time. I guess the real question is why now, why not at the end of the “normal” school year, or when the soccer season ends, or the first of the year after Christmas so it would be an easier transition for the kids. If you know me I NEVER follow protocol and have never been one to follow the pack.  After some soul-searching, me losing my job and my husband being unhappy with his we decided no time like the present. Munchy getting older and next year she will be in middle school and it will get harder and harder to pull her away from normal life, friends (who we will miss dearly), and soccer. Hugs, well she’s just going along for the ride but will miss her friends very much.

Here are a few books I have read and you might enjoy if you have ever thought about joining us on the road

So here is the plan, ok we really don’t have a plan, to be honest.  We are winging it, we are heading to Orlando FL, and staying for a month, going to Disney with the South Carolina Homeschool Group, and then going where the wind takes us.  I plan to keep Unschooling my kids, learning about history as much as possible, selling my jewelry at craft shows, maybe even writing an e-book (which I know all of you will want to buy), and enjoying my family.  Munchy wants to finish her photography class and sell some pictures (which again I know all my friends will buy) and have tons of fun.  Hugs are going to make clay pens and jewelry to sell and play with all of her stuffed toys, (she must have 30 stuffed in her little bed).  The hubby is also going to learn how to take pictures with Munchy and go on tons of hikes together to practice with their camera.

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Follow our crazy journey across America as we visit roadside oddities, historical land marks and beautiful landscapes. I have ton of ideas and review educational products that will help you get the most on your home school adventure. We are an Unschool family that believes the world is our classroom and is teaching our children to self direct their education to a better future.

14 thoughts on “McIntyre Family adventure begins November 1st

    • Uncle Tom, thanks again for encouraging me to take the first leap. I was thinking the same thing about history and genealogy but I am not sure about all those relatives?? We are so excited and we want to see all those odd places too and promise to Chicago on our list. Munchy wants to see snow this year so we are heading that way after the first!!

    • We plan on heading to California, Michael wants to go to Disney Land – you know how much he loves his Disney. I promise we will look you up!! Hope everything is going GREAT!