Math Week belle birthdy

Belle birthday we made a ice cream cake.  So here is a little story – Belle and I had just finished making the cake and put it in the oven to bake.  I looked up and noticed that her front tooth was gone.  I said Belle you lost a tooth where is it?  We looked for it for a good 20 minutes and I kept saying its cooking in the cake.  So we couldn’t find it and the cake finished baking and cooled, and  I flipped the cake over and there was her tooth sticking out of the bottom.  So I gave it to her to her and told her to sit out side and clean her tooth for the fairy – but while she was cleaning it, she dropped her tooth in-between the cracks on our stairs outside and lost it for ever.  I talked to the tooth fairy, who told all the other fairies and laughed for a long time but brought money for her tooth because she felt so bad.


We tought Belle multiplication and went over division while swimming….. tones better than any old classroom

The girls had to answer 10 questions to be able to sit in the hot tube… I really think they got the hang of it and Isabelle got so she wanted to answer the questions before her sister.

We made math monsters… The girls used Uno cards – they had to draw two and make a math problem with them and figure out the answer – well Mac used 3 cards, then they did a subtraction problems.. after they answered 10 question they had to look at the chart and make their monster based on the answer  1-5 head 6-10 body etc.  Both girls really enjoyed it.

We played Uno by adding numbers up to make 10 or 20 or 15 – that was lots of fun

We played Math bingo

We are no making a huge Lego pirate ship – so watch our progress…

We are also reading several books  Mac is reading Judy Moody get famous, Belle just finished Bernstein bear and is now reading toad and frog,  together the girls and I are reading Fairy Dust and Quest for the Egg, and Michael is reading Oz Moth of Oz which was written in 1907 (I think)

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