A math game with diving sticks

A math game with diving sticks. An hour of swimming and practicing math. Yep, this is how we get tested on our math. Play games and see who gets the answer first, oh yea and swim at the same time.

The game was for speed.

First, take two diving sticks, throw them in the pool
Yell out a problem.  We were practicing multiplication tables.

Second, Person 1 has to answer the question, correctly, then everyone jumps in the pool and get the sticks before they hit the bottom.

Third, if the child answers wrong it goes to the next person and only that person gets to jump in and get both sticks.
I can’t believe how well Belle is doing and Mac is doing awesome.

Coke Science

The girls found a whole bunch of coke and got a great idea that we needed to blow them all up. I let them do it and even filmed. It was really funny to watch kids experiment with coke science.

We watched a really cool movie about the parrots on telegraph hill, San Francisco California.


We also decided we needed a change of scenery to read, so we went to sunset park.

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