Water Gun Math Blaster game: Unschool style

Math blaster water gun game, Unschool style. We made up a math game using a water gun and numbered cups.  I let the girls dream up their own rules and how the game should be played.

What you need

  • 20 cups
  • a black marker – write big
  • water guns
  • three dice

How to play Water Gun Math Blaster


The girls turned 20 cups upside down and wrote 1 number on each one up to 20.  Then we made little pyramids of cups and put the numbers in random order.  We got three dice from our Yahtzee game.  The first player rolls all three dice, then you take the lowest two numbers and multiply them, or take the highest number and lowest and divide. Then either add or subtract the 3rd dice to get a random number.  Then take your water gun and try to shoot the number if the number is on the bottom and you happen to hit other cups ( bonus).  The object is to shoot all the cups down. We went till we couldn’t multiply, divide, add or subtract to make a number.  If you can’t go then it’s the other person turn.

After several water gun fights and a little bit of math, we went on a skating walk with Jack-Jack (the dog).  We checked on our fairy utopia and walked or skated a mile to the marina. Then we read another chapter of Harry Potter and skated home. We finished the day out by swimming in the cold pool for 10 minutes, playing math games again and reading to ourselves.

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