How to make memory pens for all your family adventures

Memory pens are a great way to keep track of all your family’s adventures and are super easy to make.  A friend, Mrs. Ann, that lives in a travel trailer and will be going full-time very soon (so exciting) actually gave me this idea.  What I love about this idea is they take up very little space, they are inexpensive ($1 -$10 each), not heavy (a huge concern in an RV), you can make them out of almost anything, and most places have many magnets, patches, and pens to choose from.

memory pinYou only need a few things to get started: pinbacks, badges or magnets, super glue, and somewhere to hang them.  I personally like the pin-backs with self-adhesive which you can find in the jewelry section of a Wal-Mart, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby, or buy them on Amazon in bulk as I do.  I like the patches at state and national parks the best but I honestly let the kids pick out whatever they want.  Sometimes we buy magnets or I have even used a brochure to make a pin.  The girls pin these to their curtains that they close at night for privacy.

To make a memory pin it only takes a couple of steps: 

  1. Find your favorite magnet or patch that you want to make into a pin.
  2.  Have your superglue ready  (I like the gel kind because flows very slowly).
  3. Take the Adhesive strip off the pin back.
  4. Add super glue to the back of the pin
  5. Place pin in the middle of patch or magnet and hold for about 10 seconds (don’t glue your fingers – ouch!).
  6. I let mine sit for a couple of hours before the kids hang them up.
  7. Pin them to your curtains and enjoy!

The girls now have a way to remember all the places we have been since we started traveling for the second time (April 2015).  The girls will point at a pin and start by saying “ Mom, do you remember when this happened…..” It’s a great way to keep track of all the state and national park ranger badges, and Fulltime Families Explorer Badges they have earned, and it helps us remember all our fun adventures. If you want to put all your national and state patches on a vest just pin them on, easier than gluing or ironing them on the vest or jacket.

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