Make fairy bread like they do in Australia and taste Vegemite

Make fairy bread like they do in Australia and taste Vegemite

Fairy Bread is a soft white bread, smothered in creamy butter and covered with as many colorful sprinkles (which are called 100 or 1000 in Australia) as the bread will allow.  This is a fun food made Down Under and used in kids party and really fun to make when learning about Australia.


Take 2 on Australia day, where the girls and I made Fairy Bread, taste really yummy snacks from Australia and tried Vegemite.  The girls wanted to finish learning about Australia today because they love sprinkles and that is the main ingredient of Fairy Bread., and who doesn’t like talking like an Australian or listening to them.

Fairy Bread origins are actually unknown but is considered to be native to Australia and New Zealand.  The bread is considered to be sacred and a form of protection against the anger of spirits or fairies.  The first reference to fairy bread recipes can be found in the poem ‘Fairy Bread’ by Robert Louis Stevenson in his book A Child’s Garden of Verse that was published in1885.

There are many types of variation of Fairy Bread all over the world. An example is in France, in which small or large dinner rolls are split, buttered and covered with brown sugar or sugar sprinkles. A simpler fairy bread recipe variation is found in Italy, where round pizza bread is topped with sugar and butter or even cheese and sugar.

Fairy Bread
Recipe Type: snack
Cuisine: australian
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 1-10
  • White Bread
  • Soft spreadable butter or margarine
  • sprinkles ( any shape color or size)
  • butter knife
  1. This is one the kids can do with very little help
  2. Take white piece bread spread with soft butter
  3. pour spinales on a small plate
  4. flip bread over butter side down facing down
  5. tap lightly
  6. flip over and cut or tear crust off
  7. cut into squares or triangles

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On our quest to learn about Australia we took a field trip to the World Market, where we got a cookie, and candy bar from Australia and New Zealand.  They were really good and the girl thought they were so good we finished them in one day.  Vegemite is a must try but I believe it is an acquired taste by the locals.  I made the girls try it and this is how they described the spread.

Huggs: It smells like pee and taste YUCK! – She promply spit it out and wouldn’t eat anything thing else and even Fairy Bread didn’t help to get the taste out of her mouth

Munchy:  Thought it tasted like dirt

So if you ever get a wild bug and want to try Vegemite, we suggest you make one of there recipes.  Use the ingredient very sparingly and have an open mind and you never know you might like it.  I think we will leave the Vegemite for the Australians.

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