Make cards with sparkles and glitter

So have you ever wanted to use so much glitter that your whole body was covered in it? The girls made valentine cards with tons of sparkle and glitter.

Mac worked on her favorite game on the Apple iPad 2 which was Sally Sauna – you have to get people through the sauna without making them mad…which is very hard but lots of fun….
Belle made a nest with eggs, a momma bird and a baby Bird.  I gave her a book on animals and she figured out the shapes to make the bird and did it all by herself.  She did several cranes which we cut up and added to the eggs to make them colorful….. i am so proud of her….. 🙂
Mac found a bunch of tiny Christmas lights which she decided need to be sorted and untangled, she is my neat girl.  She got them all neat and wants to use them on our next project…

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