make a craft – fairy garden

make a craft – fairy garden

make a craftThe girls wanted to make a craft so they did a  3-D Fairy Garden they got from Santa.  It took two days but they colored all the animals and fairies.  The girls had so much fun making the fairies and set up thier fairy garden.


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big miracle

 We are going to see “Big Miracle” movie tomorrow so I made the girls find 5 facts about whales.  I also got the girls to write down their facts in thier fancy notebook, just for fun.

iSpeak French Beginner's Course: 10 Steps to Learn French on Your iPod [With Book]McKenzey did lesson 4 on French and Belle did lesson 1 again.  Belle is still having some problems but the great thing is that we can do it over and over again till she gets it.  The girls also did Khan academy (which is my favorite site). Mckenzey did word problems 1 and Belle did number line and negitive numbers.


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