Lost Treasure Hunt Series – we need your help

Lost treasure huntWe love history and learning about it has become fun and very interesting to the girls since we have started traveling full-time in a 5th wheel around the USA.  I used to have the girls read stories and do reports like in normal school.  Our family now visits historical places, discusses what we saw, and researches as a family the questions that might arise from what we have seen.  Not only are my kids learning but my husband and I are actually learning what we were supposed to learn in school.  Not the one-sided victor’s story.

I have been in contact with the producer of the Lost Treasure Hunt Series, Matt Davis, who has helped produce movies like Shrek and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  He is on an amazing project to make educational shows to teach history to children.  The Lost Treasure Hunt will help teach kids history in a fun exciting way that will keep them interested.  He was told by the broadcasters that he needed to water down the series, which Matt and his teammates don’t agree with and saw as a challenge to do what is right.  I love the idea of teaching history through video and teaching all the facts.  We need to teach our children about the past so they don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Matt would love your feedback and donations to make this project a reality.  Be the first to watch the series when they are finished with the pilot.  Make a donation here

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