Awesome library books to learn about alligators and French

Library books are Awesome!

We have found so many resources at the awesome library books, We got a french DVD to learn french (Uncle Tom and my brother will be so proud). A French cat in the hat dictionary and we check out 10 books more books to read this week.

IMG_1659The girls love the french CD so much they have been asking me to play it every morning. McKenzey also started asking me about alligators. She is worried about the animal in the ditch behind our apartments. We still have not seen what it is.  We have tried sneaking up on it several times, with no luck.  I think we will start feeding it bread to see maybe if it won’t jump or stick its head out of the water. We looked it up on our little iPad Mini and this is what we found out.

IMG_1407Belle decided since it was March and the month for the Irish, she decided we need to make a book on shamrocks.  She made a story about a little bear, drew pictures and we looked up facts about shamrocks.

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